Sunbirbs Mint

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Friday 7/2

Minting Deets - SOLD OUT!!!

Twitter & Website Launch
FREE Public Mint - July 2nd!
Total supply is 11,111 - because we like the number.
We're a derivative, but all of our artwork is 100% original!
Royalties set to 7.5% - that's it.
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Sunbirbs are more than a fun derivative

Our flock is 11,111 unique pixel birbs deep, and you know what they say. Birbs of a feather? We stick together. Other projects might have you priced out, but we have positioned our mint to welcome as many birb friends into the nest.

Can't wait to share what else we have in store for you!

Sunbirbs Flock

Fully doxxed, ready to FLYYYYYY

Artist Birb

Web Birb

Dev Birb


Wen Discord?
Patience young tweetling. We'll have a flock meeting place soon.
Early Access?
We didn't do an early access list! Surprise mint public drop on 7/2/22.
You're probably early.
How much is a Sunbirbs NFT?
Is your smart contract optimized?
Our Birb Dev is a wizard, literally. Ever heard of ERC-721A? This is like ERC-721A+. You won't see many other contracts as efficient as this one!
Wen Utility?
Art is utility. And we stand by that. But we're also working on some fun things in the background. But we have to keep some feathers close to the chest.
Can I join your team?
While we are not currently hiring, we're always looking for new birb frens. If you want to connect, Twitter is the best route!
What's next?
As they say, the early bird gets the worm. And you my friend are EARLY.
Stick around. We have a few tricks up our wings.